Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nine Patches

It has been awhile since I blogged. Life has been busy the last couple of weeks. Currently I am working on Nine Patches. I need to have 80 of them made for a retreat that I am attending in September. Do you realize that is 720 two inch squares to sew together. This is the second batch of 80 that I have made with one more group in January. My sewing room is a mess as you can see here9 Patches 0029 Patches 003 9 Patches 001

On Saturday I got together with my stitch group and worked on some small projects. And last week I also did some digital scrapbooking. I took some online lessons at Jessica Sprague and have really learned a lot of neat things. Of course, I love anything that is computer related.

I want to get these nine patches done, I have 38 right now, and then get back to work on my cute little baskets that are so popular right now. I would like to get several projects prepped before I go on my retreat, so that I can really accomplish a lot.

Until later.