Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back Home

I arrived home from my quilting retreat.  It was great fun, as usual, and I am already looking forward to the next one.  I did accomplish quiet a bit, but not what I planned to get done. This post in long and filled with pictures so grab a cup of tea and enjoy.

Here  are a few  pictures of the ladies busy working on their projects or taking a break.


Sarah is busy working on the last few blocks of her “Dear Jane” quilt, which she finished piecing at this retreat.  Congratulations Sarah aka SIS!


Retreat 003

Shirley finished the last of her beautiful hand pieced “ Seven Sisters” block.  This block was inspired by an antique quilt Shirley saw and her husband drafted it out for her.  The quilt will have four blocks and most likely an applique border.

Retreat 029

We all got a good laugh over this it is oyster crackers from some snack mix that looked like a miniature Grandmothers Flower Garden. 

Retreat 005

Show and Tell

We did not have as much show and tell this time.  Everyone was working on the own “Robin Border Quilts.  I have to apologize for the photos we were crowded in a small area.


Retreat 009Sarah with her Pat Sloan quilt and her Thimbleberries quilt pictured below.

Retreat 010 

SIS is also a knitter here she is modeling her very cute shrug.  It was knit in one piece.  She is a very busy gal being a elementary teacher and still finding time for her hobbies.

Retreat 011  Retreat 012

Mary has a very cute “Sunbonnet Sue” quilt to show

Retreat 013

ML has a beautiful appliqued quilt done in neutrals.

Retreat 014

Gloria finished her block for the Baltimore style quilt we have all contributed blocks to.  We have not decided yet exactly what will be done with the quilt when it is finished.  Most likely we will donate it to a charity for fund raising.  This is the first time Gloria used the  back basting method of applique and did a beautiful job.

Retreat 015

Now for the “Robin Border quilts” 

Retreat 016 Gloria’s challenge was curved or circles.

Retreat 017 Shirley’s challenge was half square triangles.

Retreat 018 Cherie also had curves or circles.

Retreat 019ML was another curves or circles.

Retreat 020 Barbara was a late starter and this is her center.

Retreat 021 Penny’s challenge was dimensional and she “wowed” us with her unique way of accomplishing it.

Ladies you all did great work on your challenge.  I can’t wait to see what you do next.

The quilts looked like so much fun that I decided to join in.  This is my center.  My next two rounds will be, Circles or curves – pieced or appliqued, and squares or rectangles.


After all of the ooh’s and ahh’s we had to acknowledge our much loved leader.  Sarah aka SIN is a Dear Jane Goddess and our mascot for the retreat group is the frog.  Gloria found the perfect gift for SIN and we were all surprised.  And as you can see SIN thought it was great too!

Retreat 023

Retreat 030 

Debbie was unable to attend the retreat this time, but did stop by on Sunday.  This is her “Robin Border”

Retreat 033 She also had a quilt to show

Retreat 032 It is hard to see all of the embroidery, but it is Dick and Jane and Debbie did a beautiful job and added a lot of detail to the blocks.  Great job Debbie.

She also gifted all of us with these darling sewing kits that she designed.

Debbie Gifts to Us 001

Debbie Gifts to Us 002 She also gifted us with two darling frog keychain fobs that her husband made.

Debbie Gifts to Us 003

Thank you Debbie!

Now that reality has set in I need to get off this computer and do the laundry and grocery shop.

Until later.