Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting on the Band Wagon or Not

The quilting blogs and Yahoo Groups are all abuzz over hexagons.   If I may regress - One time I was told that I was going to be a grandmother of a little girl and I immediately started a baby quilt, but then I was told sorry you are going to be a grandmother of a little boy.  That little boy is now turning 10 and I did eventually get that grand-daughter.    This is a photo of the hexagons I have which will become a doll blanket for that grand-daughter.

Hexi's and FW 001I guess I better finish it up so she will have it when Santa brings her a new baby doll.

As I said, everyone is doing hexagons, but I think I will do Pies and Tarts.  I purchased this cute little package a while back and here it sits.   I am a real push over for something that is packaged so cute.  I will use my favorite 19th century reproduction fabrics. 

Pies and TartsRight now I plan to only do a small quilt, but who knows I might have so much fun making these that I will want a large quilt!

On to another subject - finally the Texas heat has cooled down a little and it seems like fall.  Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons.  I recently stitched this reproduction sampler and it has a real fall look to it.  The sampler is from the collection of the Chester County Historical Society in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Hannah Bunting Sampler

I have also been working on my Farmers Wife quilt and I am over half way.  These are the latest blocks.  So far with the exception of the sashing and setting blocks I have used my fabric collection.  It has been fun looking through some of my much older fabrics.

Hexi's and FW 002





That is it from here.  Are you getting on the "Band Wagon" and doing some hexagons or what?

Until next time.


Sunday, October 16, 2011


41 years ago today Pat and John got married.

Do you remember "big hair" and "Brylcream"? But we thought we were so cool. LOL

Thank you Dear for the great journey!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11


Let Us Never Forget.   God Bless America

Friday, September 9, 2011


Sounds like a self-help book  LOL - well I am in various stages.  My Frost on the Ferns quilt is back from the long-arm quilter.  I think she did a great job.

Frost on the Ferns 002 Today I picked up the Nebraska Waves quilt, but haven't even sewn the binding on or trimmed it.  I think I will leave the hand sewing for a retreat I am going to  in a couple of weeks.WIP's 001  It is quilted in an all-over design here is a close-up.


I have also put the last cross stitch in the Mary Wigham sampler from the Ackworth School.  I think this was one of the hardest samplers I have made. The counting was very hard.  I should have basted a grid on it.  However, it is a reproduction of what Mary did.  I am blown away how these young girls executed these samplers.  Mary was only 7  when she stitched hers.    I still need to press this before I take it to the framer.


WIP's 003

Today I finished my Burgoyne Surrounded top.  This is not the best pictureBurgoyne Surrounded it is only bordered on the top and bottom.  The pattern is from Kaye England based on an antique quilt she saw.  I think it is unique since this quilt is usually done in as a two color quilt.





Until next time.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Settled Again

A week ago we had hardwood floors installed in the guest room and my sewing room.  There was stuff strung all over the house.  Like this

Sewing Room Redo 003 and this Sewing Room Redo 006

And the sewing room was emptied out and Mr. Quilts painted it too.  Thank you dear!

Sewing Room Redo 005

Sewing Room Redo 007

So once again things are back in place.  I am very pleased with it.  It is nothing spectacular like some you see, but it is all mine.

Here are a few shots now

Sewing Room Redo 008

I am very happy about my new design wall.

Sewing Room Redo 009

Sewing Room Redo 011

A place to sit and sew or look at a book and dream about the quilts I want to make.  Behind the chair I will have a gallery of small quilts and samplers that I have stitched.  I love the looks of the Cherry floors.  They are so  slick I could have a chair race on them. LOLSewing Room Redo 012

This is the cutting area and more storage.

 Sewing Room Redo 013


Sewing Room Redo 014




I am still sorting through books and such that I want to recycle in some way.

And most of all I want to start to sew again.  The little quilt on the design wall needs a correction and to be quilted along with several other small quilts that are patiently waiting their turn to be quilted.  I guess I better get to work. 

Until next time.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Something Old Something New

I will start with the Something New.  I made this little log cabin quilt for my sister.  I think it turned out real cute it is from the book "Twenty Little Log Cabins" by Gwen Marston.  If you like small quilts like I do it is a good book to have in your collection.  Amazon has copies for sale.

Log Cabin  - Straight Furrows 002

Since it is so beastly hot here in Texas I have spent a lot of time in the house.  I finished up one quilt top and have it ready to go to the longarm quilter.  I also made this small quilt - it is machine pieced and machine quilted.  It was fun to make.  I think it will look great this fall with a pitcher of fall leaves or flowers sitting on it.  It was designed by Jo Morton.

Lizzy's Quilt

Now for the Something Old.  Dawn always shares her wonderful collections of old sewing items.  So today I thought I would also show you some of the things that my deal friend Janet (no blog) gave to me.

First are a couple of looms for weaving - do any of you remember have anything like this when you were small?   Perhaps you wove a blanket for your doll.Looms

The price for the littlest loom when it was new was .50 cents. 

 Needles etc.


Here is an assortment of  items.  I am not sure how  the bone needles were used - I am thinking perhaps for weaving, maybe even darning.  Do any of you know.  Also the needles in the lower right corner look more like stakes LOL they have a flat very sharp point on them.  One has a small knob on the end and I am thinking it is a tapestry needle which have blunt ends on them.  The blue glass darning egg is one I favor.  The little shoe hook is about 2 inches long so I am thinking it might have been used for a childs shoe.

Buckles and Buttons 001 I also have this collection of mother of pearl belt buckles and buttons which I would like to display some way .  The emery stawberries are silk and well worn.  The item below the emery is a ivory book mark.  And below the bookmark is a little Brown Jug - anyone remember hearing that song? Sorry it tipped over.  In the center is a little silk purse the size of a quarter.  I have to wonder what was carried in it.  Maybe a sixpence for good luck on someone's wedding day??  The small bar of Ivory Soap at one time had a eyelet on the top and was used as a shoe fob.  It was a giveaway from Proctor and Gamble with so many Ivory Soap Wrappers sometime in the late 1800's.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.  Thanks for stopping buy.

Until next time.


Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hi everyone, this weekend I participated in a Virtual Retreat on one of the Yahoo Groups that I am on.  I worked on a top that has been sitting around for way too long.  It is Nebraska Waves by Jo Morton.  I have reduced the size by one row.  I will use a black fabric for the setting blocks and border.

Nebraska Waves

I am going to leave that on the design wall for a couple of days in case I want to tweak the placement of the blocks.  So in the meantime I am working on this hand piecing project. 

Hexagon Stars I ordinarily machine piece but chose not to for this project with the small pieces.  it will be 30 x 30 when it is complete.

I saw this on Ann Hermes' blog and just had to copy the idea.  Thanks Ann!

Yardstick Hanger

The yardstick is an antique - I have no idea where it come from.  Most like from my Dad's business when Mr. Quilts closed it up after his passing.  But I found another one at Home Depot in the paint department.  It is very sturdy and after it was stained and waxed it looks old.

It is just another way I can display my quilts in my home.

Until next time...


Friday, June 17, 2011

This Week

As you may have guessed by now I like making doll size quilts designed by Jo Morton, Kathleen Tracy, and Pam Buda.  So I decided that a needed a doll bed to display them on.  I have been after my husband for quiet some time to make me one.  He has come through for me once again.  The quilt is designed by Kathleen Tracy and I think it looks great on the bed.

Doll Quilts 001

I have also been working on my Mary Wigham Sampler and I do not have too much more to completion.  Mary was seven years old when she stitched it and the reproduction has Mary's mistakes included.  This is the second spot sampler I have stitched and I think I have added a few mistakes of my own.  I think I will go back to band samplers as they are easier to count.

Mary Wigham and Historic I 001

I have also pulled this piece out to work on.  It is a needlepoint sampler that I started way back in the early to mid eighties.  It was designed by Chottie Alderson, who has since passed away.  She had access to the workrooms of the Victorian and Albert Museum in London and studied the needlework.  The different motif's represent different styles of stitching.  She also includes in her class the history of each style.  The one I like best is the Louis XIII (1601-1643), son and heir of Henry IV and Marie de Medici.  It is the one I am working on and if you look closely you can see the oak leaves.  In 1631 Louis built a hunting retreat and the gardens were designed to look like the beautiful embroideries of the period.

Mary Wigham and Historic I 002






I guess that's all I have to tell.

Until next time.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Too many WIP's

I have too many works in progress and I have been trying to narrow the collection down.

I have this block of the month going on.  I have one more block to finish so I will be up to date.

Burgoyne Surrounded If you are wondering about the blank spot - I messed up when cutting.  So if I can't find a fat quarter I will have a "make-do" sashing for that block.  The blocks are not in any particular order.

Then I am part of a block swap.  These are the blocks that I received the first month.  Aren't they great?  I am trying to decide how I want to set them. I love blue and white quilts.

Lost Ships Block Swap

I am also working on these blocks.  My friend Sarah created the pattern with permission.  The original quilt circa 1850-1875 is in the personal collection of Brenda Papadakis author of  Dear Jane®  These unique blocks are set in the quilt in a very unusual setting.

Baskets I also have a quilt in the works that I will show in a future post.  Along with a cross stitched sampler.

Do you have too many works in progress?  I think that having more than one project going at a time keeps things from getting boring - especially when it is the same block throughout a quilt.

Until next time.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

What a surpise I had today.  When I logged on I found that I had been sent the Versatile Blogger Award by Dawnversitle-bloggeraward Thank you Dawn you are the best.

I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me that you do not know.  So my 7 are as follows

1)  I am a native Michigander

2) I moved to Texas in the mid 70's.

3)  I have a Westie named Daisy

4)  Besides quilting and needlework I love to read or listen to recorded books.

5) I am addicted to Haribo’s Gummy Bears

6) After years of being a stay at home Mother I went back to work.  I worked for the State of Texas.

7) I love technology and I am pretty tech savey.

Listed below are some of my favorite blogs.  Won’t you stop by and see what they are doing.







Tomorrow I leave for a quilting retreat so

Until next time.



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just 15 Minutes a Day

A very nice lady, on one of the yahoo groups that I subscribe too, challenged us to sew 15 minutes a day.  For me this was a no brainer since I sew every day with a rare exception.  So I decided that I would do a 15 minute a day project.  I have this quilt that I wanted to hand quilt so I thought what a great opportunity.

Trick or Treat Rotated I had already started, but it was put aside for another project.  So this way I will have it done in time for fall decorating.  Why don’t you challenge yourself to 15 minutes a day on a project.  And be sure that you let me know of your progress.

As you know from my last post I also enjoy stitchery so I wanted to show you a new project that I received in the mail a few days ago.

Round BoxThis is a Shepherds Bush Design and I ordered it directly from them.  The box is sold separately.   The box is hinged and lined.  I thought it would make a great gift  - maybe for some lucky Mother on her special day, or to keep for yourself.

Mr. Quilts just stuck his head in the door and said “mail’s here – nothing much except a Primitive magazine” little does he know I have been watching the mail every day for this.  LOL

Primitive Quilts

I don’t know about you but I am so bored with the quilting magazines on the newsstands today.  With the exception of Quiltmania.  But I think I am going to really enjoy this one.  There is very little advertising and the projects look to be very nice.  So if you like the looks of primitive quilts and darker fabrics you might want to check it out.  I subscribed here.

I almost forgot to show you my newest finish.  It is called Baby Rose and was a project from Jo Morton’s Little Women Club.  I am pleased with the way it turned out and am anxious to display it.Baby Rose

Don’t forget about your 15 minutes a day!

Until next time….


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As some of you know, in addition to quilting I love handwork, and lately I have been doing more than usual.

I just finished this sampler and picked it up from the framer.  I am very pleased with the end result.  Originally I was going to give this to my granddaughter, but decided to enjoy it myself for awhile.

Honeycomb Stars 001

Now that is done I have picked up my Mary Wigham Sampler.  Mary was a student at the Ackworth School when she stitched her sampler in 1790.  As you can see I have a long ways to go to completion.  I am using 32 count linen over 2 threads.  Sorry it appears messy, but linen wrinkles and it is too large for a scroll frame.

Honeycomb Stars 006

You can see a similar Quaker spot sampler that I stitched here.

Dawn a fellow blogger  asked that I show some of my Needle Rolls that I have stitched.   These were designed by Shepherds Bush I have several more to stitch in my collection of needlework to be done.  I don’t know exactly how far back Needle Rolls go, but I use mine as a decorative item rather than the original intent.  Be sure you stop by Dawn’s blog and see her beautiful Hexy Stars Quilt.

Honeycomb Stars 005

I haven’t completely given up my quilting. LOL  I have been hand piecing this little table topper.  It has been fun for a change.  I used some of Cindy Blackbergs stamps.  This is called Honeycomb Stars and was designed by Cindy and featured in American Patchwork and Quilting in June 2010.

Honeycomb Stars 001

This project is a good one to take along to sew on when I have a few minutes. 

Until next time.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


There has been a lot going on in the sewing room over the last few weeks.  I am over half way done with my Farmers Wife Quilt.  I have started to assemble the rows as you can see here.  I have two more rows ready to add, but have run out of design wall space (big sigh here).Enchanted Alphabet 003This has been a fun project to work on.  The blocks have gone together nicely.  I plan to use this quilt on my bed and intended to just have it quilted in an all over design, but when I see the setting triangles it makes me want to have it custom quilted – wouldn’t half feather wreaths look great there and have the sashing quilted down the middle?

I finally finished up my cross stitch project Enchanted Alphabet.  Here are a couple of  quick picture that I snapped as I was rushing off to the framers. 

Enchanted Alphabet 004 Enchanted Alphabet 001








Yesterday I picked this quilt up from the longarm quilter, I thinks she did a great job.  Love those feathers in the sashings.  I think I am going to bind it in red to pick up the colors in the border.  The picture looks a little faded,  the greens are more olive tone than they appear.  This was a block of the month designed by my friends Betsy Chutchian and Betty Edgell.  I have had it done for well over a year, but it hung in the closet waiting to be quilted.

Civil War Sampler

I started my spring house cleaning and decorating this week.  I hope to finish up tomorrow and have the weekend free to sew.

Until next time.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sewing, Sewing, and more Sewing

I have been really busy at the sewing machine working on the Farmers Wife Quilt.  These blocks finish to 6 inches and they are addictive – I can’t stop making them.  I need 128 of them and I have almost 50 done. 

Farmers Wife Quilt Blocks Part 2

I also have these three Civil War Blocks on my design wall the bottom one is a mistake that turned into a great substitute.

BBCW Blocks

I have  been on a book buying spree.  Sometimes I just can’t resist and these are all great books with a lot of great projects.

Recent Books 002 

Recent Books 003





I am a person that can’t stand it if I don’t have something to do with my hands.  So when I am not sewing I do cross stitch.  The little girl in the  sampler that I showed you in my January 9 post now has a head.  I hope to get it completed real soon.

Until next time.