Saturday, June 4, 2011

Too many WIP's

I have too many works in progress and I have been trying to narrow the collection down.

I have this block of the month going on.  I have one more block to finish so I will be up to date.

Burgoyne Surrounded If you are wondering about the blank spot - I messed up when cutting.  So if I can't find a fat quarter I will have a "make-do" sashing for that block.  The blocks are not in any particular order.

Then I am part of a block swap.  These are the blocks that I received the first month.  Aren't they great?  I am trying to decide how I want to set them. I love blue and white quilts.

Lost Ships Block Swap

I am also working on these blocks.  My friend Sarah created the pattern with permission.  The original quilt circa 1850-1875 is in the personal collection of Brenda Papadakis author of  Dear Jane®  These unique blocks are set in the quilt in a very unusual setting.

Baskets I also have a quilt in the works that I will show in a future post.  Along with a cross stitched sampler.

Do you have too many works in progress?  I think that having more than one project going at a time keeps things from getting boring - especially when it is the same block throughout a quilt.

Until next time.



Martha said...

I love those baskets with the unusual handles, and YES -- I DO HAVE WAY TO MANY WIPs -- more than anyone I have ever encountered. It's a curse that I now blame on my daughter and her upcoming wedding, but I know it's also just my nature. At 64, I am recently beginning to wonder if I can actually finish all my WIPs before I die -- is that morose or what?

Meredith said...

One year I challenged myself and completed all UFO/ WIP. I think everybody is different with it. I have seen photos on some blogs with a lot of Wips or Quilt tops and that would bother me. I do sometimes let blocks sit. Then I play with different ideas. I have hand appliqued basket blocks that have been on my design wall for months. I just got tired of them. After a couple hundred of them.

The block swap blocks are pretty. Whatever works for you. Some people like lists or to keep a machine and hand project going at the same time.

Cheryl said...

All three WIPS are gorgeous. I love the basket blocks.

Dawn said...

All very pretty. Hadn't seen the urn block before but love it! Very striking in the indigo. I have been pulling out projects and have finished a few in May. It was like a quick project when I pickup something from two years ago half done ;-)
I enjoy that about repros - they never get too old.
Thanks for sharing!

Donna Keating said...

Like you, I tend to get bored doing a project and have more than one thing going, plus a few that have been put aside but not yet picked back up. That's why I like scrappy quilts. The fabric in each one is different so it doesn't seem as repetitious. Love those basket blocks - the handle on them is so unique.

Donna K. from N. TX

antique quilter said...

i like have multiple projects too!
send me a picture of the red block that your missing fabric from I may have it and would be happy to send you a fat quarter if I have it
love those indigo baskets, I have seen an antique quilt with baskets like that ...unique.

Michelle said...

Those urns are great - is the pattern for them available somewhere?

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh those indigo baskets are so cool! I love them! And the other 2 projects are awesome too. I don't even want to think about how many projects I have going!

Karen said...

I am intrigued by the basket blocks. So unusual.