Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have several projects that are near completion.  So I decided to put the “Power of Ten” to work for me.  What is the “Power of Ten” you ask?

The "Power of 10" in quilting is not some higher mathematical formula that quilters all need to learn to make a quilt. It is a simple way to complete those projects we want to finish before we buy anymore fabric.

First, simply find the projects that you are no longer interested in completing and pass them on to someone who would love it as much as you once did.

Second, list "10" projects that you would like to complete. Now remember "Only 10" projects are to be on the list.

Third, begin working on the projects on the list and spend three hours toward completing it.

Fourth, keep a list of projects and the hours worked.

Fifth, once three hours are spent on a project move to the next. A quilter's interest wanes and is usually spent after three hours.  Now if a project requires two to four hours it doesn't matter. Simply finish the project. Feel good about finishing it.

Sixth, find another project and add it to the list. Remember, only Ten Projects are your focus.

Seventh, continue to rotate the projects you are working on.

Eighth step is to list the supplies needed to finish your projects.

Ninth would be to shop at (substitute your favorite quilt shop)for items to finish your projects.

…and Tenth, the `Power of Ten` becomes reality when you are able to share your project.

Note: I need to give credit to Texas Quiltworks for this sage advice.

So today I pulled up the list on my computer and chose this project to work on.

Frost on the FernsSo tonight I will prepare the elements for the bottom border while I watch some TV and soon this will be done.

It looks like my friend Daisy will be at my feet while I work.  Do you see her peeking at you?

So what are you working on?

Until next time.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I continue to work on The Farmers Wife Quilt blocks.  They are addictive.

Until next time.