Thursday, August 1, 2013

Off the Top of my Head


Last time I posted I forgot to show my latest finish.  Sorry it isn’t a better photo.  This quilt is from the book “History Repeated”

Carolina Lily 2

Since my last post I attended a retreat and I worked on putting together my first half of the Nearly Insane quilt from the book by the same name by Liz Lois.  I also worked some more on my Lily Rosenberry quilt.

Nearly Insane Progress

Lily Progress

Currently I have finished making the cute little 2 inch Cake Stand blocks from Temecula Quilt Company blog.  I bet a lot of you also made them.  I am patiently waiting on the setting they suggest or I might make some more and use a setting I have in mind.  They are like potato chips you can’t just make one!

Cake Stand 1

A few minutes ago I just catalogued an entire shelf of my quilting books in a very short time.  I have started using this software – I have no connection but I am a happy customer.  If you have an iPhone or iPad you can buy the less expensive version and you will be able to sync between the two.

I have some left over Lost Ship Blocks that I am going to set in a stripy quilt but I want to tea dye them to blend better with some other fabric.  I needed some fabric for this project and a very nice lady did a Random Act of Kindness and sent me some.  We know quilters are the best!  So I will post that later.

I told you this post was just off the top of my head.  Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time