Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Finished Items

I feel like I have been spinning my wheels for over a month. Just can’t settle down to do any one thing. Maybe it is the heat! LOL Seriously it has been blistering hot here in Texas and I think we are in for a very long HOT summer. OK I will stop complaining and show you what I have been doing.

I finished up a project that I have worked on for the past year. It is the Beatrix Potter Sampler, which is a reproduction from the Ackworth School in the United Kingdom. Being a reproduction you will see what you might believe to be errors, but it was charted from the original. You can find out more about Ackworth School Samplers at

Beatrix Potter SamplerThis was stitched on 36 count linen over two threads with DMC floss.

I wish I knew more about the history of this particular sampler. I also have started the Mary Wigham Sampler

I have doing some needlepoint as well I have stitched this Nativity backdrop for my Granddaughter. I have all of the little people and animals to go along with this. I will get started on them as soon as I can purchase the stretcher bars. This will be finished as a free standing piece.

Nativity BackgroundSo I haven’t been sitting idly just flitting from one project to another. I love doing handwork when I watch television – or should I say listen to television!

Now, I think, a quilt is calling my name.

Until later….