Friday, June 17, 2011

This Week

As you may have guessed by now I like making doll size quilts designed by Jo Morton, Kathleen Tracy, and Pam Buda.  So I decided that a needed a doll bed to display them on.  I have been after my husband for quiet some time to make me one.  He has come through for me once again.  The quilt is designed by Kathleen Tracy and I think it looks great on the bed.

Doll Quilts 001

I have also been working on my Mary Wigham Sampler and I do not have too much more to completion.  Mary was seven years old when she stitched it and the reproduction has Mary's mistakes included.  This is the second spot sampler I have stitched and I think I have added a few mistakes of my own.  I think I will go back to band samplers as they are easier to count.

Mary Wigham and Historic I 001

I have also pulled this piece out to work on.  It is a needlepoint sampler that I started way back in the early to mid eighties.  It was designed by Chottie Alderson, who has since passed away.  She had access to the workrooms of the Victorian and Albert Museum in London and studied the needlework.  The different motif's represent different styles of stitching.  She also includes in her class the history of each style.  The one I like best is the Louis XIII (1601-1643), son and heir of Henry IV and Marie de Medici.  It is the one I am working on and if you look closely you can see the oak leaves.  In 1631 Louis built a hunting retreat and the gardens were designed to look like the beautiful embroideries of the period.

Mary Wigham and Historic I 002






I guess that's all I have to tell.

Until next time.