Monday, July 18, 2011

Something Old Something New

I will start with the Something New.  I made this little log cabin quilt for my sister.  I think it turned out real cute it is from the book "Twenty Little Log Cabins" by Gwen Marston.  If you like small quilts like I do it is a good book to have in your collection.  Amazon has copies for sale.

Log Cabin  - Straight Furrows 002

Since it is so beastly hot here in Texas I have spent a lot of time in the house.  I finished up one quilt top and have it ready to go to the longarm quilter.  I also made this small quilt - it is machine pieced and machine quilted.  It was fun to make.  I think it will look great this fall with a pitcher of fall leaves or flowers sitting on it.  It was designed by Jo Morton.

Lizzy's Quilt

Now for the Something Old.  Dawn always shares her wonderful collections of old sewing items.  So today I thought I would also show you some of the things that my deal friend Janet (no blog) gave to me.

First are a couple of looms for weaving - do any of you remember have anything like this when you were small?   Perhaps you wove a blanket for your doll.Looms

The price for the littlest loom when it was new was .50 cents. 

 Needles etc.


Here is an assortment of  items.  I am not sure how  the bone needles were used - I am thinking perhaps for weaving, maybe even darning.  Do any of you know.  Also the needles in the lower right corner look more like stakes LOL they have a flat very sharp point on them.  One has a small knob on the end and I am thinking it is a tapestry needle which have blunt ends on them.  The blue glass darning egg is one I favor.  The little shoe hook is about 2 inches long so I am thinking it might have been used for a childs shoe.

Buckles and Buttons 001 I also have this collection of mother of pearl belt buckles and buttons which I would like to display some way .  The emery stawberries are silk and well worn.  The item below the emery is a ivory book mark.  And below the bookmark is a little Brown Jug - anyone remember hearing that song? Sorry it tipped over.  In the center is a little silk purse the size of a quarter.  I have to wonder what was carried in it.  Maybe a sixpence for good luck on someone's wedding day??  The small bar of Ivory Soap at one time had a eyelet on the top and was used as a shoe fob.  It was a giveaway from Proctor and Gamble with so many Ivory Soap Wrappers sometime in the late 1800's.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.  Thanks for stopping buy.

Until next time.