Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting on the Band Wagon or Not

The quilting blogs and Yahoo Groups are all abuzz over hexagons.   If I may regress - One time I was told that I was going to be a grandmother of a little girl and I immediately started a baby quilt, but then I was told sorry you are going to be a grandmother of a little boy.  That little boy is now turning 10 and I did eventually get that grand-daughter.    This is a photo of the hexagons I have which will become a doll blanket for that grand-daughter.

Hexi's and FW 001I guess I better finish it up so she will have it when Santa brings her a new baby doll.

As I said, everyone is doing hexagons, but I think I will do Pies and Tarts.  I purchased this cute little package a while back and here it sits.   I am a real push over for something that is packaged so cute.  I will use my favorite 19th century reproduction fabrics. 

Pies and TartsRight now I plan to only do a small quilt, but who knows I might have so much fun making these that I will want a large quilt!

On to another subject - finally the Texas heat has cooled down a little and it seems like fall.  Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons.  I recently stitched this reproduction sampler and it has a real fall look to it.  The sampler is from the collection of the Chester County Historical Society in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Hannah Bunting Sampler

I have also been working on my Farmers Wife quilt and I am over half way.  These are the latest blocks.  So far with the exception of the sashing and setting blocks I have used my fabric collection.  It has been fun looking through some of my much older fabrics.

Hexi's and FW 002





That is it from here.  Are you getting on the "Band Wagon" and doing some hexagons or what?

Until next time.



Linda said...

Nope, not getting on that bandwagon LOL! I made a queen sized Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt many years ago and that's enough hexagons for me :)

Pies and Tarts is cute. I love circular patterns.

Your FW blocks look great. Keep going and you'll soon be done with that beauty. Your sampler is also very pretty.

Dawn said...

I'm on that wagon...I did finish a quilt afew years ago woth a hex border.
The doll quilt is sweet! She will love it.
Your blocks are coming along nicely.
FOr now I have resisted pies and tarts but think it is a great quilt!