Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in Texas and other musings

Tuesday morning they predicted snow for parts of North Texas.  Now I don’t want you followers from Wisconsin, Minnosota and other northern parts of this country to fall off you seat laughing.  But here is a picture of my Grandchildren heading off to school in the snow.  Look hard you can see it!

Snow in Texas


And it is offical the Christmas season has arrived “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” is on TV.


Watching Rudolph

This picture reminds me so much of when my sons were little.  Getting them ready for bed early so they could watch the specials on TV.

Last night Mr. Q  and I attended the final tour of “Riverdance”.  We planned to make a nice evening out of it and start with a nice dinner.  But even though we left early due to traffic problems we had a quick sandwich at the Barnes and Noble Cafe across from Bass Hall!  But it still was a nice evening and the performance was great.  A couple of years ago we attended “Lord of the Dance” and I think I preferred it the best of the two.

Catalogs!  Do any of you get tired of receiving junk mail?  I have requested to be taken off of mail lists, but I am still getting tons of catalogs.  I guess it is a sign of the economic times.  Most of them are from companies that I have never done business with.  My desk is really getting me down.  I clean it up and the next day it is stacked high again.  So I sit day after day tearing labels and those darned embedded order forms, with my name and address on them, out to shred. 

I guess I better quit running on and get something done.  I have a round robin quilt to finish along with other projects.

Until next time.


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