Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Along with Spring Comes……..

Spring has arrived along with the yucky yellow pollen and strings from the trees that has everyone complaining.  Also the damp weather makes for a visit from arthritis.   But all in all it is a beautiful time of the year.  On to more pleasant things.

Recently I have finished up a project that has been hanging around for a long time.  It is a small Courthouse Steps.  I think I will hand quilt this one.

Courthouse Steps

I have also finished this quilt top.  It was done as a “Mystery Quilt” at a local quilt shop.  I have had the top done for quite awhile, but the borders created some problems for me.  But now I can check it off the “works in progress” list. Yeah!

House Divided

After finishing up those two I looked in my collection of projects to be started and decided that I would start working on this Philadelphia Pavement. The original quilt was made in 1895 by a Mother for her daughter in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. When finished it will have 2401  1-1/5 inch squares.   This picture represents half of a quarter.  Assembly  is like putting a puzzle together, but it has been  fun to see it all unfold!

In progress

Mr. Quilt and I planned a get-a-way to Fayetteville, Arkansas, but the weather forecast was not promising so it has been put off until May.  I have two quilting retreats coming up, later this month and early next month, which I am looking forward to.

While working on projects I listen to audio books and right now I am listening to “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.  It is a very good and thought provoking.   I would highly recommend it.

Guess that is about all that is new here in Texas.

Until later.


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