Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Fed Ex Man stopped at my house today

I am forever whining that I just do not have enough space for my quilting.  And, since I have filled every closet in the house with my “stuff”, with the exception of Mr. Quilts and my clothing closets,  I ordered a new table for the computer area in my sewing room.  It arrived today and I hurriedly  unboxed it and proceeded to tear my room apart.  It still is not big enough but I do have more space.

Here are some pictures

Sewing Room 001 Here are my bookcases filled with quilt history books and books from favorite designers and my sewing area.

Sewing Room 002






Sewing Room 003 These drawers are filled with kits and in the smaller one are fabrics that I have pulled for the Nearly Insane quilt (see July 31, 2009 post) and below is my design wall with projects that I am working on.

Sewing Room 004

Sewing Room 005

Here is my computer area and  the drawers to the left of the computer are filled with just one of my favorite designers fabric. 

Sewing Room 006

Below is more fabric storage and the ironing and cutting area.  I also have the closet also filled with fabric. 

Sewing Room 007Sewing Room 008

As you can see I have used every inch.  It might not be beautiful but it is my little space.

Yesterday my five year old granddaughter spent time with me.  She said that she likes my sewing room and also that she likes to be alone with me, Nana, “as sometimes her brother is annoying.” LOL   I love to have her spend time with me and can’t wait until she can sew with me.  I tried cross stitch yesterday and she said “I don’t think I am ready yet!” 

Until next time.


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antique quilter said...

oh I love my sewing room too and yes its filled up as well...
sure wish I had another room just for cutting and storing more fabric! and a big farmhouse table to lay out patterns and have piles of fabric for future quilts laid on it!
Kathie who is always dreaming about a larger sewing space!