Sunday, December 12, 2010

Something Different

Today I am going to show you how Mr. Q&H keeps busy.  Along with becoming a Master Composter and volunteering for various gardening projects that Fort Worth sponsors he is a wood turner.  He is a member of the North Texas Woodturners Association.  I love the beauty of the wood that comes through.  

Here are some photos of some of the pieces he has turned.John Woodworking 001 I love the next piece you can see where the worms ate away at the tree.

John Woodworking 002The grain on the next  pieces is beautiful.  He also achieves a very smooth finish.

John Woodworking 003 John Woodworking 004


John Woodworking 010 

The unique shape of the next pieces comes from the fact that they are from the crotch of the tree and you can see some of the bark that is left on.  The one with the dark spot running down the center comes from a tree that had a crack.

John Woodworking 006

John Woodworking 007

The following is a bowl that is in the works.  It is very fragile and you can see all of the worm holes.  It is going to be a beauty when it  is complete.

John Woodworking 008John Woodworking 009

Until next time.



Cheryl said...

Very talented man! Lovely that he has a hobby. The bowls with bark are my favorites.

Barb in Mi said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful! I love wood pieces/ bowls and wish I had such a talent...

Vivian said...

Oh goodness. Those bowls look great. I have learned how to use my dad's power tools but I have never used a lathe. Just beautiful.

Quilts And Pieces said...

WOW! Those bowls are amazing! I especially like the ones with the rough edges. Those look very cool