Sunday, January 9, 2011

It is Snowing in Texas

Today we are getting our first, and probably our last, snow of the year.  Here in North Central Texas snow is rare.  I don’t think this one will be a big one like last year when we got 12 inches.

Snow in Texas 001   Snow in Texas 002 Snow in Texas 003Here in Texas we plant Pansies for winter color!






The temperatures are falling so it could get slippery later in the day.   I am sure my grandchildren are hoping for a snow day tomorrow!

This will be a good day to stay in and sew or stitch.  I am working on this project Enchanted Alphabet

It is “Enchanted Alphabet” by Lavender and Lace.  I am using 32 count Linen.  I find myself humming the childhood alphabet song while I am stitching.

I just looked out the window and since I took the pictures it is definitely starting to stick on the roofs and grass.

Until next time.




Anonymous said...

My winter color is under 12 inches of leaves... ABC....NOP... and now Iknow my ABC's. Hope I am not still singing that in a few weeks at Jo's. Your letters are beautiful.

Cheryl said...

Stay warm! I lost my pansies to the frost. Will have to replant in Feb. Beautiful stitchery!

Marie said...

We had our first White Christmas since 1947. It was so beautiful. We are expecting more tomorrow, plus ice which I don't like. We plant pansies here in the Fall to enjoy until it gets too hot in early summer. You Enchanted Alphabet is looking good. I have done that and think it is such a sweet pattern. I have done several of the L&L angels and have them framed and hung in our hall.
I hope you have a great New Year.