Monday, February 13, 2012

New Fabrics

I appliqued my first Lily Rosenberry Block and I was not pleased with it so I am starting over.  My layover slipped and it was not real symmetrical.  Not a real good start for 2012.

But I did take advantage of Reproduction Fabrics Superbowl Sale and purchased these fabrics for stash enhancement.

New Fabrics 001


New Fabrics 002

How has your year started?

Until next time



Linda said...

Pat, It's always fun to pick up a few new fabrics, isn't it? I like your pinks. I was just looking for some the other day for my BA. I didn't find a pink, but I picked up a few other "marbled" fabrics that I needed.

I look forward to seeing your progress with your Lily Rosenberry project.

Dawn said...

I started the new year with a liitle fabric therapy and small quilt projects. I am pleased to say I finished the small quilt projects and am now onto a larger new applique project. I have also become a back basting needleturn applique - after a class in January ;-)