Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Third time is a Charm


Like they say the third time….. After purchasing two other fabrics for my Nearly Insane Quilt I have finally got it right.


Lynne if you are reading this it is next on my list!  After finishing up a quilt that I am hand quilting.

A friend of mine is down sizing and she gave me this antique ironing board.  I plan to use it to display some of my small quilts in my sewing  room.







That is about it for me.  I have been  making some gifts for my retreat group and will show those at a later date.

Til next time.



PatchworkRose said...

Love your fabric choice. It is perfect. See how it makes the other fabrics shine. Before I know it you will have finished before me if I don’t keep progressing.
Luckily the next one is short and sweet as the next two are a bit more complex. It is such fun seeing the rows come together now .
Can’t wait to see some of your rows coming together.

ann hermes said...

I have an ironing board just like that. I love it.

Dawn said...

Glad you found a fabric that makes you happy. Love the ironing board - they are so sturdy.

antique quilter said...

that fabric is perfect for the nearly insane quilt sashing
great choice.
the ironing board is just so fun!
lucky you!!!!!