Thursday, June 18, 2009

Making Headway

A couple days ago I decided that it was time I took the bull by the horns and organize my sewing room closet. At least I got the floor cleared. That stack of blue bags contain kits, 2 to 3 in each bag. I went through and pulled out 3 bags of fabric that I will donate to Project Linus.

Then I got busy and worked on my quilt. I now have the center and inner border sewn together. Now I have to concentrate on the outer borders.

I have also been working on my applique project and the needlework projects that I have in progress.

I really need to get some of these things completed. Do you ever feel that you are overwhelmed with works in progress?

More later!

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PatchworkRose said...

wish my Sewing room looked so tidy. I am afraid I am an untidy creator :-) Love all my fabric around me like a big hug. Glad to hear I have inspired you to carry on with your Nearly Insane blocks. Look forward to seeing some. I also have Carrie Halls sampler and that is one of my to-do quilts. Just need to get it started. Have a great sewing day